Electric Cars

We are a B2B supplier who trade the latest electric vehicles worldwide. Distributors, OEM / ODM / OBM orders are all welcome.


Provide customized services, with a minimum order.

You could customized the paint for the body, adjustment the width for the wheelbase, or change the position for the steering wheel, etc.

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Technical Solutions

Convert gasoline vehicle into electric vehicle

We can provide electric powertrain system for the traditional gasoline car manufacturers and helps them convert gasoline vehicle into electric vehicle. We have formed a long-term strategic partnership with many large Chinese automobile manufacturers to provide a complete set of technical solutions for their developing and transformation of new models.

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Electric Powertrain Matching

With our industry-leading technology--electric powertrain assembly and power control system, we helpd traditional gasoline car manufacturers to build electric vehicles.

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Vehicle Calibration

Drive-Inno calibration has a professional team, rich experience in the project, with professional capabilities such as system simulation, data analysis, parameter calibration, control strategy formulation and optimization.

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Overall vehicle development

To help you create and prototype future automobiles, we provide end-to-end engineering solutions via our international-standard automotive and industrial engineering department. We can customize and build any type of electric vehicles based on requests.

EV Core Parts

If you are looking for parts for electric vehicles.Yes! We provide parts and components meet all electric vehicle needs.

Vehicle Power Unit

Battery Management System

On Board Charger

DC-DC Converter

DC-DC converter is integrated in the E-Drive unit,See more details about E-Drive unit.

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Electric Compressor

Electronic Control Unit

Electronic control unit is integrated in the E-Drive unit,See more details about E-Drive unit.

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High Voltage Box

High voltage box is integrated in the E-Drive unit,See more details about E-Drive unit.

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(Lithium iron phosphate)

Cathode material: Lithium ironLithium ironLithium iron
Energy density158wh/kg175wh/kg
Rated voltage3.2V3.2V
Rated capacity55Ah59Ah
Voltage range2.5-3.65V2.5-3.65V
Operating temperature(Charge) -5~60℃ -5~60℃
Operating temperature(Discharge) -20~60℃ -20~60℃
Maximum charging ratio(Continuous)1C1C
Maximum discharge rate(Continuous)2.5C2.5C
Dimensions23 x 140 x 163 (mm)23 x 140 x 163 (mm)

Module Series:

With advanced lithium-ion power battery as the cell, intelligent battery management system as the brain, advanced system integration technology as the link, ANC carefully builds the world-class power battery system for global customers, for the development and popularization of clean energy vehicles, for the transformation of the global energy system, for the sustainable development of human society, to provide endless power.

24-Cell Module

TypeCapacityVoltageElectric Quantity
IP24S Module59AH76.8V4.531KWH
IP24S Module118AH38.4V4.531KWH
3P8S Module177AH25.6V4.531KWH
4P6S Module236AH19.2V4.531KWH
6P4S Module354AH12.8V4.531KWH
8P3S Module472AH9.6V4.531KWH
12P2S Module708AH6.4V4.531KWH
Dimensions: 324mm*283mm*188mm

16-Cell Module

TypeCapacityVoltageElectric Quantity
IP16S Module59AH51.2V3.021KWH
2P8S Module118AH25.6V3.021KWH
4P4S Module236AH12.8V3.021KWH
8P2S Module472AH6.4V3.021KWH
Dimensions: 229mm*283mm*188mm


  • Sanyuan high-energy soft-clad cells are adopted, which are durable and have long cycle life.
  • The lightweight design of the box body adopts high strength steel skeleton with high energy density and good structural strength.
  • The energy density of the battery pack is more than 160Wh/Kg, and the protection level meets IP67.
  • The module structure with independent intellectual property rights is simple in design, safe and reliable.
  • The built-in liquid cooling, liquid heating system has good cooling and uniform temperature effect, and the battery can work at very high and very low temperatures.


(FAW B30 power supply system)

Cathode materialLithium iron
Energy density260Wh/Kg
Rated voltage3.7V
Rated capacity50Ah